Caffeine baby cancer argh run aliens

Do you think someone’s playing a trick on the Daily Mail? Because this reads like one big practical joke:

Women who drink coffee or tea during pregnancy may increase their baby’s odds of developing cancer, doctors believe.

Sounds bad. Details pls.

To establish the link, scientists at Leicester University will scrutinise the caffeine intake of hundreds of pregnant women and compare the results with blood samples from their babies after birth.

Wait. What? To establish the link? That’s a bit backwards. Something’s fishy.

‘Although there’s no evidence at all of a link between caffeine and cancer, we’re putting two and two together and saying: caffeine can induce these changes and it has been shown that these changes are elevated in leukaemia patients,’ added Dr Cooke.

I can’t decide whether it’s more likely the DM is being tricked, or some ‘scientist’ is actually silly enough to say such a sentence out loud, in front of people.

The Mail’s headline on this story? “Coffee may raise child cancer risk: New evidence that caffeine could damage babies’ DNA.” Have I mentioned how much I despise the Daily Mail? Appropriate sarcasm can be found at The Daily Quail. Via NHB.