WTF Sestina

A sestina is a 39-line poem, split into 6 six-line verses and a three-line finale. Each line must end with one of six specific words, and each verse must place them in a different order.

I’ve tried and failed to write sesintas. They’re bloody hard. But the WTF Sestina has a neat trick:

2punk4punk: do you like nirvana, omg
grndflr76: yeah, but they ripped off the pixies, lol
2punk4punk: i know, wtf
grndflr76: i have the subpop 7″ of ‘love buzz’, hahaha
2punk4punk: me too, stfu
grndflr76: yeah, from ebay, rofl


It doesn’t quite tell a story, sadly, but that’s pretty clever. Wish I’d thought of it.