Panic panic panic

Today was going to be easy. I fitted a PSU this morning, and it Just Worked. This was a good feeling. I drove home, planning a little lunch, a little rumination on yesterday evening, a little getting ready for uni tomorrow, a little guitar practice. Then I got home and discovered an email saying the uni workbook I thought was due in next Friday was in fact due in tomorrow. Shitshitshitshitshit.

And, furthermore: shitshitshitshitshit. I can give some excuse about how they moved the deadlines a lot, but the end result is still abject muppetry. Shit. 

I did a fair bit of work on Tuesday, which saved my ass. Most of this afternoon was time-consuming admin, but not actually having to think about what I was doing. And so much typing, printing, hole-punching, gesticulating and swearing later, it’s all done. It’s not as good as I’d like, but it’ll do.

It is amazing how much work you can do when necessary. If I worked 8hrs a day at 75% of that speed I’d be rich and successful. Well, successful. I’d probably have spent all the money on Corpse Bride toys. But still.