storytlr lifestream

I’ve set up a lifestream, just because I like them.

Think of it like this: my data are stored in various websites out there in the Cloud, and the lifestream grabs it all and shoves it into one place. So it’s like a net, in the Cloud. A Skynet, if you will. Hmmm. Anyway, it uses Storytlr, which is a bit like Friendfeed except with a decent looking public view1. It’s currently grabbing data from Flickr, Twitter, Google Reader and this blog, and putting it into a neat timeline.

Storytlr also allows you to temporally filter the stream to create a ‘story’ page, which sounds pleasing. So, if you’re, say, kidnapped by space monkeys, you can create a fixed page showing your tweets, images, and blog posts, all in a timeline of the day. Or whatever. I can definitely see that being useful – when such an event happens, I’ll be on it. Presumably future iterations will add social networking, so a ‘story’ page can incorporate various perspectives of the same thing.

It’s fun, but it’s not quite there yet: I’d particularly like some kind of filter, as I save plenty of delicious links that aren’t of interest to anyone but me2. It’s also a touch slow compared to Friendfeed, and the future prospects are worrying, simply because of the sheer volume of data they need to filter and update every minute. There’s also the inherent limitation that any viewers without a web 2.0 certification will probably be completely baffled, so it won’t be replacing my front page any time soon. But for the moment, it’s quite good. I like.

  1. with completely customisable CSS, although I barely have time to fix my own code atm []
  2. oh, you know what I mean []