Essay finished. Ra.

Thank. Goodness.

I left in most of the contentious stuff. I bumped up the bibliography a bit with various quotations, though, and even managed to shoehorn in some Michel Foucault. I don’t much much about Foucault other than my teachers love him. Thankfully I found a relevant quote on the first few pages of a Google Book, as it was already getting a bit…obscure.

We had to submit an electronic version by 18:00. The uni is trying out automatic anti-plagiarism software, and we had to upload our essays straight into it. Unfortunately, it’s somewhat limited: it doesn’t support anything but .doc files (no .docx), and they can’t contain images. Being photography students, our essays had a fair few images, but we all duly produced Word-97-compatible-image-free documents, and hit ‘Upload’.

Thing is, it also doesn’t support Safari, except it doesn’t know it doesn’t support Safari, so leaves you forever hanging on the ‘uploading file’ page. I was ok, but some of my Mac-based classmates had trouble. It’s fine if you know enough to realise a Word document shouldn’t take half an hour to upload, and think to try Firefox (if you even have it installed) instead, but if not – and frankly there’s little reason you should – it’s pretty frustrating when the deadline is fast approaching. I can’t believe nobody spotted that before unleashing it on the student population.

The system lets you see your own personal plagiarism report. Apparently some of my quotations are also found in other places.

I still need to submit a physical version by the end of tomorrow. Thankfully I have to hit the darkrooms for an hour or so anyway, or it’d be a lot of travelling just to deliver something they already have.

Anyway, it’s done! I am partying. Well, I’m not. I might go watch some Sports Night as a reward, though.