Atheist Buses launched

Atheist Bus in the wildI am extremely pleased to hear that the Atheist Bus Campaign has been a massive success. It raised over £135,000, from an original target of £5,500. Excellent. 800 buses were launched today: 200 in London, with the remaining ones spread out over England, Scotland and Wales.

There are also 1000 Tube cards, with quotations from Douglas Adams, Albert Einstein, Emily Dickinson and Katharine Hepburn. Lovely.

There’s been a bit of infighting over the slogan, what with us atheists being contrary by nature. I still like it. There’s also been some deeply entertaining commentary on us arrogant humanists pushing our agenda and being – wait for it – just as bad as those we’re complaining about and (you knew this was coming) isn’t it ironic. To which I think the best reply was served up on BoingBoing:

lets convert this to muffins. because its nicer to talk about muffins than gods.

Say there was a prevailing belief that there was a supreme muffin that would punish you for not believing in it despite the fact that around the world there were other religions with supreme croissants supreme cupcakes, etc.

The muffinites put up billboards and television advertising, and little pamplets, and had people on the street telling you that there really was eternal punishment in a magical oven if you didn’t accept the muffin as the one true path to salvation.

Not only that but they try to legislate certain beliefs to try to ensure the safety of the souls of the people who don’t believe what they do (only out of concern mind you, when you get to heaven through their efforts, you’ll be with the muffin)

one day someone puts up a sign that says “there probably isn’t a muffin.”

Lets criticize this arrogant and obnoxious sign.

The buses are all a-twitter, and photos are coming in from around the country. Similar buses are also doing the rounds in Barcelona and Washington D.C., and there’ll be some in Italy next month. Australia’s outdoor advertising company sadly rejected them, which is pretty miserable. Hopefully they’ll relent.

I like it. I like it a lot. I must ride one.