2009 Resolution

I’m a bit worried about 2009. Firstly, because even before the world fell into recession I was barely making ends meet. If everything dries up in the next six months I’m in trouble, and I really need to find new sources of income. So that’s one problem.

But I’m also getting increasingly antsy. I need to do something. I just graze on other people’s content, and nothing I do helps the world in any way. I’m 25, which – despite the never-ending bleating I hear at parties1 – is obviously far from old. But it’s a good, commitment-free age to be doing things, and atm I’m wasting it.

I have a nurse friend who’s volunteering on a ship in Peru this summer – they sail down the Amazon, providing medical treatment to remote communities. This is Properly Worthy. Me, I do nothing. I don’t contribute anything to the skeptical community other than occasional sarcastic fiskings2, I don’t volunteer locally, and my BHA membership is just that. I suck.

This has been building up for a while, but sitting in art theory lectures, discussing how Oyster Cards have “produced a whole new gesture”, brought them properly to the surface. I’ve got to start contributing or I’ll go nuts.

So, resolution for 2009: Fucking Do Something.

  1. if they were joking I wouldn’t mind, but people srsly lamenting their lost youth at 25 drives me mental []
  2. what happened to this word? []