iPhone Rationalisations

Help me out here. I can’t afford an iPhone, but – unsurprisingly – I really really want one. So I’m rationalising my way around the expense. Here’s what I have so far:

  1. My iPod is 3.5yrs old and keeps freezing. I’ll need a new one soonish, and they’re very expensive. An iPhone would solve this issue.
  2. iPhones are only available on O2. O2 offer £7.34/month broadband to their customers. That’s £10 less than my current home broadband. Now, as my current mobile phone contract is £20/month, and an iPhone is £30/month, that means it’s paid for already. Sorted.
  3. Quidco will pay me £45 if I get my contract through them.
  4. An iPhone would be lighter than my current phone + iPod combo, and would give me more jacket space.
  5. The lighter, thinner iPhone would improve the line of my coat, thereby making me more attractive to women.

I think we can all agree #5 is the best rationalisation ever. You can’t say I’m not trying.