Merry Christmas (and how Colin saved Christmas)

My four missing Etsy parcels didn’t show up. I was annoyed, and worried they might have been stolen from the communal post-table. Once, though, Postie left a too-big-for-letterbox package with Colin The Butcher, and didn’t leave a note. So I nonchalantly ambled into said shop, trying not to look too hopeful. Colin looked up, said ‘ah’, disappeared into the back, and returned with a stack of five padded envelopes. He apologised for not delivering them, because, you know, butchers don’t have much else to do on Christmas Eve. I explained his new status as The Man. He saved Christmas. I bought some ham.

Hope everyone’s had a merry merry Christmas so far. I have a lovely Annie Liebovitz book to read, amongst various other entertainments, and am a happy bunny.

Also, here is a useful family tree explaining cousins, x-th cousins, cousins once removed etc.. It was necessary this afternoon.