The Pope’s festive priorities

Here’s a charming festive message from that glorious leader of mankind, the Pope:

Pope Benedict XVI has said that saving humanity from homosexual or transsexual behaviour is just as important as saving the rainforest from destruction.

What. A. Dickhead.

He wraps up his bigotry in transparent nonsense about gender theory, and blurring the lines between male and female leading to the end of the human race, whatever that means. As if. What he really means, of course, is ‘ewww I don’t like it don’t make me think about it gross’.

This is the problem with getting your morality from the millennia-old demented ramblings. You can’t be trusted. You get ‘don’t kill people’ and ‘be nice to your neighbour’, which is lovely, but at exactly the same level of importance are ‘don’t wear hats on a Thursday’, ‘budgies are unclean’ and ‘eeewww ickky gay stuff it should be banned’. And (in some religions) most people ignore all the latter, because it’s transparently insane, but the leaders can’t, so you get this kind of bigotry splashed all over the media when it should be in the gutter where it belongs.

It’s 2009 in a week. That’s THE FUTURE. In the future, nobody pays attention to pathetic homophobic dickheads.