Strictly final

w00t! I do enjoy the Strictly final. I always end up emotionally investing in one of the couples, and have to hide behind a cushion during their routines. And don’t even mention the final – endless – ‘moment of truth’. My favourite has always won, but it’s a bit more open tonight. My bias going into the show is Lisa, but she’s probably the underdog against Rachel…I’ll try to judge by the dancing alone, though. That said, Lisa’s showdance is apparently to I Would Do Anything For Love, and you know me and power ballads…

Halfway point: ZOMG. My girl pulled it out of the bag – 80/80! But I’m worried. The public’s votes last week obviously put Tom at the top and Lisa at the bottom…if they do the same this week she’s out. Which would be awful, as she got a perfect score. Everyone vote Lisa!

End of show: Hmph. The public votes were a reversal of the judges’, so Lisa went out first. Then came the two big showdances. Tom’s was undeniably better than Rachel’s, but I’m not a fan of the smarmy Fred Astaire swingy arms / silly expressions / style – it’s forced and annoying. That’s just me, though, and it certainly seems to be the minority opinion. To be fair, that’s been Tom’s schtick the whole way through, and if that floats your boat I’m sure it was lovely. So the result was a bit flat for me, but then I’ve had five years of the ‘correct’ result, so it had to happen sometime 🙂