Show dance insanity

I was on a Strictly media blackout yesterday evening, but I heard someone say they’d seen it, and they were sure one couple would mathematically have to be in the dance-off. I figured this must mean a tie at the top of the table1, but I was taken by surprise when, on watching the results show, Tess said they were suspending the voting as a result. This seemed odd. Surely the public would still be voting for the other dance-off couple? I like to think that, given a bit longer, I’d have predicted the we’re-not-eliminating-anyone-this-week move, but probably not. It was quite the surprise! I approve, actually – it’ll make for a much more exciting final next week.

For me the highlight of the results show was a demonstration by the ‘show-dance’ world champions. Show-dances have no rules, which is generally interpreted as ‘do the fanciest lifts possible’. This is usually pretty entertaining, but I have never seen anything like last night’s performance. It was bloody ridiculous.

It’s all impressive, but two moves in particular seem to defy gravity. The first starts at 1:20, and the second at 2:40. Utter insanity.


The 2:15 throw is mental as well – it’s like that bit in The Mask.

I love the choreography too – it’s beautifully in time with the drama of the track (one of my favourite Queen songs, too).

  1. three couples get scored by the judges and allocated 1,2 or 3 points accordingly. The public voting works the same way. The lowest two combined scores go into the dance-off. But if two couples tie at the top of the table, they’ll get 3 points each, and the 1 point couple cannot therefore come first and so must be in the dance off []