I’ve added an advent calendar to the sidebar. I’ll update it daily with my favourite (creative-commons licensed) festive images from flickr. As it’s a bit late today the first shot is one of mine. I took it last night, while playing around with creating bauble fractals for a uni project. It’s a fun technique, although baubles aren’t the highest quality mirrors, so everything is maddeningly unsharp. Hmmm.

I always like to have a physical advent calendar. M&S have a Swiss Chocolate one. It looks lovely, and has large amounts of actually decent chocolate. I saw one last week, but it was £8.39, and I’ve been spending far too much lately. So I skipped it.

Then I saw the Lego City advent calendar. Every day you get a new lego figure, and they build up into a Christmassy scene. Sadly, it was £20. 

I bought it. I should not have. Is good though:

Lego City Advent Calendar

I’m not sorry at all.