Christine out of Strictly

I’m sad to see Christine go, but I think it was the right decision. The other four dancers are so ridiculously good it would have been unfair to knock one out in her stead. And reaching the final five is no mean feat – it’s not like she left before her time or anything. Still, I’ll miss watching her dance – I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone look so happy on the dancefloor, and that smile was a thing to behold.

A few mental jottings from this weekend:

  • Did anyone else find Lisa and Brendan’s Amy Winehouse cha-cha totally bizarre? The dance was good, but it didn’t seem to fit the music. It was like I had the tv muted and the stereo on.
  • Best quickstep ever from the professionals on Sunday. I like its usual elegance, but a bit of attitude made it much more fun.
  • I liked it when Len said ‘cheese’ and the ten audience members who’d watched It Takes Two fell about laughing, to the confusion of everyone else. I wonder if ‘smorgasboard’ was a similar challenge.

I still don’t have a favourite. The final four are all very good, but none have grabbed me yet. I’m waiting for the Holy Shit Moment: in series 4 it was Mark & Karen’s Argentine Tango, and last year it was Alesha & Matthew’s Viennese Waltz, but this time, despite the high standard, nothing’s made me sit up and take notice. I’m thinking it might come from Lisa, though. Tom & Austin have been pulling the same schtick all series, and Rachel literally couldn’t get any better, technically. But Lisa, after starting from not-so-great, has improved enough to be their equal, and I’m hoping she’ll properly take them on with something remarkable.