Vortex photo published

If you were to buy a copy of Weird U.S. – Volume 2 and turn to page 129, you’d find one of my photos. It’s a shot of the Oregon Vortex – a roadside tourist trap where bizarre optical effects are due to ‘the vortex’ and not ‘standing on a slope’. I made my family stop there in 2001, just because it sounded fun.

The book’s publishers found the image on Flickr and asked if they could use it. This was before I started charging for commercial use, so I agreed in return for a credit and a copy of the book. It arrived yesterday, and there I am. Yay! Pleasingly, it’s quite a fun book. There are many, many similarly bonkers attractions dotted around the USA – my favourite so far is the 19m Giant Jesus.

I’ve had a couple of photos published in newspapers / newsletters, but never before in a book. Admittedly it’s more of a snapshot – on film, no less – taken before I got properly interested in photography, but still. Gotta start somewhere.