Strictly exit for Cherie

Yesterday’s Strictly was stunning – seven of the eight couples performed blisteringly well, a standard far higher than any other series at this stage, and it’s certainly the closest competition yet. But it’s being somewhat spoiled by the public voting for John & Kristina on sympathy alone. Last week a relatively weak couple were voted off in their stead, but tonight it was the opposite, and it’s a shame.

I don’t know what you do about weird public votes. Obviously the show isn’t purely a dance competition, and it probably wouldn’t be as engaging if the public didn’t have a say, but everything falls apart if the public don’t stick (within reason) to the spirit of the show. The couples all work incredibly hard – that’s part of the reason I enjoy Strictly so much – and to ignore all that in favour of personality is a) mean and b) pointless. Who benefits?

I like John Sergeant, but I think he’s going to come unstuck this week. The dancers, the judges, the studio audience and even Bruce/Tess were clearly appalled by Cherie leaving the competition. I don’t think John’s joking around will work so well, and I’ll be interested to see how he handles it.

Still. Bloody amazing dancing last night. Rachel & Vincent’s rumba will forever be known as that rumba: total filth. I’m with Craig1 – I loved it. I’m still backing Christine, though.

  1. who’s somehow stealing the show atm []