Watching the US election

I quite fancy staying up to watch the election, but I know I’ll fall asleep unless I have something to do. Happily, Microsoft’s The Ultimate Steal website is now selling Vista 64-bit for £40, and this afternoon I bought it.

So here’s the plan: install Vista 64-bit while watching the BBC’s election coverage. Because installing a new OS after midnight is always wise, especially when exciting things are going on in the background. But I’m giving it a go anyway.

I’m not too fussed about Vista, but I get enough questions about it that I really need to start using it on a daily basis. And the 64-bit version is functionally identical, but will be able to access my full 4gb of RAM: Lightroom should be very, very happy.

I’m quite excited about watching the election results come in. As if it needs saying, I’m rooting for Obama. Paul at Mars Hill will be liveblogging, and I’ll check in once I get internet access back. Assuming I do.

Update @ 0230: Vista 64 installed and working. Had trouble burning the DVD – MS instructions were woeful – but perfectly smooth after that. Wow, it’s fast. And the election is going swimmingly too.

Update @ 0410: Well, that is a hell of a thing. Watching people go crazy on (twitter is still up!). Watching David Dimbleby cutting off pessimistic pundits – go David!