Crap evening for entertainment news

  1. David Tennant resigns from Doctor Who.
  2. Russell Brand resigns from the BBC.

Well, that sucks. I enjoyed both of those people very much. A twitter friend suggested Steven Moffat should invite Russell Brand to be the next Doctor, which would be tremendous.

I guess it’s not too surprising that David Tennant’s leaving, but I was hoping the lure of Steven Moffat scripts would be enough for at least another series. Oh well.

It’s ridiculous that RB was forced to resign. An apology was obviously appropriate, but demands for resignation? Get a grip. It’s all a right-wing BBC-hater’s wet dream, and their cacophony of outrage doesn’t ring true.

And I bloody wish they’d stop calling them ‘prank’ phone calls – that’s a broken definition of ‘prank’. It wasn’t set up, preplanned, or, imho, intended to be malicious. Calling it a ‘prank’ call gives completely the wrong impression. Call it thoughtless, say they should have known better, demand apologies, etc.. But calling it a ‘prank’ is undeniably unfair.

I still think the whole event is entirely explicable as a regrettable mistake without intentional malice, and that anyone listening to the show would see this. But maybe that’s too subtle for the rabid prudes and BBC-haters. Not that everyone who complained can be classified as such, obviously. But many undoubtedly can, and they’re very, very loud.

(edit) His resignation video is impressive and worth watching, imho. It confirms the impression I had of the guy, too.

*grump*. The story has caused some fun around here, mind: my Brand / Ross / Sachs post got linked to from Radio 4’s Today Programme website yesterday, and that plus Google searches nearly killed the webserver.