You wouldn’t want to be miserable

Clearly the Guardian website has an editor with a sense of humour. There’s no other way this article on annoying atheists could have been published:

Far from relaxing and enjoying life, most atheists I have encountered are gloomy blighters with a depressing and nihilistic message that there is no purpose to life so where’s the point of anything? They so often fall into the category defined by GK Chesterton: “Those that do not have the faith/Will not have the fun.”

I’ve never really understood why ‘there not being a purpose to life’ would imply there being no point to anything. I also like the argumentative tactic of quoting someone else talking bollocks in the hope nobody notices. But I only quoted the above to show the context of her next line:

You only have to attend one of their dreary humanist funerals to see that – I am never going to another of those, just to be made miserable.

I don’t think there’s anything to say to that. Via B&W.