Not Taking the Mickey? Stuff and Nonsense?

I haven’t done much this week other than work on a ‘film stills’ photo project. This has seen me, amongst other things, splatting fake blood onto my parents’ drive, gaffa-taping a monkey to my steering wheel in a public car park, projecting a silhouette of Mickey Mouse onto the side of a friend’s house, and visiting Tesco late at night to buy a long, black wig and a bunch of roses. This is great. So it’s been an interesting few days, and it’s a good job I haven’t had much proper – you know, paying – work, but sometimes you get lucky.

It’s finally all done, anyway. It’s about malevolent toys, and the flickr set is here. I haven’t properly named it yet, mainly because I can’t think of any atrocious puns. There’s gotta be something…It’s not due in till tomorrow, so I’ll see if anything comes to mind.