Cuttings from The Super Dictionary

This is The Super Dictionary:

The Super Dictionary

It was published in 1978. It provides key vocabulary in a manner appealing to children. I like it a lot. Here’s a smattering of its dictionary goodness:

The Super Dictionary: goodness

I…I don’t know what to say. But that’s exactly what ‘goodness’ means.

The Super Dictionary: hug

Green Arrow is crap at sweet nothings.

The Super Dictionary: super

El Dragon is pretty super. He is totally the right man for this definition.


Hawkman and Hawkgirl are having an unexpected domestic. I feel bad intruding.


  1. Supergirl is afraid of mice.
  2. Supergirl has been taken down by a mouse.
  3. Supergirl has been given a black eye by a mouse.
  4. Supergirl is winking at a mouse.
  5. Supergirl is in a non-Euclidean dimension.

The Super Dictionary: stupid

Life lesson: it is stupid to drive a car such that you get out through the bottom and fall into the sun while waving a purple brick.


If you can’t tell, Batman is splashing into an invisible 2D wall of gunk, which makes the sound ‘kazwooo’. Also, we all have sparks of life called ‘spirits’. Good to know.


Modern comics are less prudish than the golden age versions, but I’ve still never seen a 12-year old Supergirl wandering about in her underwear.


The = that. I did not know the.

The Super Dictionary: huge

I bloody hate it when whales steal my shoes.


Batman’s such a goofball. Hal Jordan hasn’t understood that the joke is his entire arm only being as big as Batman’s foot,


What the hell? This is just disturbing.


Should = must. Got it.

The Super Dictionary: decide

I think I’d assume ‘fly’. 1970s Lois is such a cow.


Well, duh.