Back to uni soon

It’s back to uni this Friday, and I’m looking forward to it. We go straight into a studio photography module that focuses on flash lighting, which should be great. I’m a big fan of available light photography, where available light is defined as any goddamn light that’s available1 – I’ve been interested in flashes since long before uni, and have been playing about with2 the strobist methodology for over a year, so that’ll hopefully help. We start with digital SLRs, then move onto medium format film. I’ve never used anything larger than 35mm, and it’ll be interesting to see the quality differences. 

My tutor’s introductory email said:

the first session will involve shooting film stills – so please consider the genre you might aim to emulate and dress, and bring props, accordingly

My first thought was obviously ‘superheroes’. I’m sure I can talk everyone else into it.

As regular readers may have gathered, I’ve been a bit introspective and whiny lately, so I’m looking forward to having proper things to think about. It’ll also be good to get some new project shots going. I love my little niece, but she’s completely taken over my Flickr stream this summer, and baby shots are only so interesting if you’re not a relative 🙂

This term is also the first time anything counts toward my degree – everything last year was just practice. But this week saw the first person drop out of the course, which is a shame. There were 20 of us, but we once spoke to a 3rd year student whose class had dwindled to 6. Eek. Hopefully this doesn’t mean it’s about to get much tougher.

  1. this comment ripped straight from Joe McNally‘s The Moment It Clicks []
  2. I was recently told that ‘playing’ is not an appropriately professional word, to which I say: pretentious businesswank bullshit. Nobody ever learnt anything without playing around. I’m sorry that ‘business’ despises anything indicating people are anything more than ultra-efficient money-making automatons, but this is how things are, and I can’t be arsed figuring out nonsense concepts of pseudoreality for the sake of don’t-make-me-think ‘professionalism’. The advisers were trying to be helpful, which was nice, and I don’t have anything against them, but I’m not currently not in a position that I need to play such stupid games, so I won’t. Ah, I feel better now. []