Ceroc Week 4

I’ve been ceroc-ing for a month now, and it’s still fun.

I was with friends for the first two lessons, but it’s been just me since. I think I’ve done ok. Admittedly there was the asking-to-dance incident, but I was in exactly the same position this evening, and inspiration came in the form of “are you…free?”. Hardly Wilde, but good enough. Ra. I managed not to be weird for the entire evening (as far as I know). I was feeling a bit mouselike beforehand, and I thought I might quietly disappear after the beginners’ lesson, but a couple of people said nice things and boosted my confidence somewhat.

In fact, I even asked a few strangers to dance. Haven’t managed that before. I stuck to people at about my level, which isn’t really the idea, but is a good start. I’m too intimidated to ask the very-good dancers, despite exhortations from the staff to do so – I might have given it a try, but some dude at the bar was whining that he was stuck with a total beginner during the post-beginners-lesson practice session. Dick1. But he made me nervous that I’d annoy somebody, so I stuck to relative-beginners I’d spotted during the first class. This worked well, although I was grabbed by somebody pretty good later on, and felt a bit rubbish. It’s a male-led dance to the extent that the women do nothing until the man indicates a particular move, and I could only remember five. I’ll have to revise everything I’ve learnt before next week.

This is easy, because after the second week we were given a DVD containing all the beginners’ moves. It has to be said that dancing in front of the tv, on your own, makes you feel pretty stupid. Worse is when you try one of the spins and fall over onto the sofa. Especially when you do it three times; I’m glad the blinds were shut. The DVD is a good idea, though – I can’t visualise the moves from a month ago, but it won’t be a problem to refresh my memory.

This evening the staff dancer told me I was good enough to join the intermediate class, which was a very kind thing to say. Unfortunately I can’t – I’m back at uni in three weeks and will lose my Thursday evenings – but it was nice to hear nonetheless. In two weeks I’ll have completed the looping-six-week beginners course, and that’ll have to do for now. Shame, actually – I’d quite like to get good at this.

  1. the more I think about this, the more it annoys me. I think the staff would have kicked his ass if they’d heard – they try very, very hard to discourage that kind of thing. Most people are very friendly, thankfully. []