Read Neverwhere for free

Neverwhere, my favourite of Neil Gaiman’s novels, is now available for free. It can be read online, or downloaded as an eBook (you’ll need Adobe Digital Editions). Both will expire after 30 days, which is a bit of a shame, if understandable. Bizarrely, the two versions are a little different, with the an underground map online but not in the download.

I love Neverwhere, and kinda-reviewed it here a couple of years ago. Wonderful book. I’ve learnt much more about it since, including that Mr Gaiman describes one particular character as his own version of Doctor Who1.

His publishers released American Gods for free in February, but I think this time the free release is to help promote his upcoming novel: The Graveyard Book. The Dave McKean cover alone makes me want it immediately, but Mr Gaiman said the following on his blog: “The Graveyard Book is, I think, my favourite of all the things I’ve done, and I’m proud of it”. Don’t have any choice, now.

  1. and, incidentally, there could be interesting news on that front at some point []