Rodrigo I’m not

A few weeks ago my electric guitar broke. Its amplifier-socket-plate had been loosening for a while, and eventually the screws ripped free of their holes, never to return. Two wires attached to this plate, and it only took 24h for one to break. And that was that. You can obviously still pluck the strings and produce the same notes. But that’s stupid. So I’ve been ‘playing’ my acoustic.

I’m rubbish, but it’s been good practice. I have to be far more accurate and use a lot more pressure1. It also obviously lacks noise gates etc., so I need to concentrate much more on controlling the strings. All of which means I find it far, far harder than the electric, so I suck even more than usual. It’s all been a bit depressing. My guitar teacher’s currently on his summer break and I’m meant to be learning mode patterns. But I get frustrated faster with the acoustic and this…hasn’t happened. I’m going to be in trouble.

Happily, this evening my friend Ben fixed it all up! He re-drilled the holes to accommodate larger, stronger screws, then re-soldered the offending wire. This out-of-my-league-DIY-amazingness is apparently all in a day’s work, and only took half an hour. Thanks very much, Ben! I’d better get working on those modes, now. Quickly, like.

  1. I’m not sure the latter should be true – it’s pretty tough compared with a friend’s acoustic []