Breaking 1TB

I remember getting my first hard drive that was bigger than 1GB, and thinking this was amazing. Today it takes half an hour to take 1GB of photos, so I obviously need much more space. Before this morning, my setup had one “500GB” and two “250GB” drives, but this actually added up to 927GB. This is because the manufacturers’ definition of a gigabyte differs from a computer’s definition of a gigabyte. Today I added a second “500GB” backup drive (I saw far too much data loss this week, and it scared me) and passed 1TB1 for the first time. Meaningless, but a little milestone nonetheless.

I’m trying to work out if I’ll ever hit the next milestone: 1024 terabytes = a petabyte. Let’s say I become a professional sports photographer, or something, and take 8GB of photos per day. Even with that, it’d still take 342 years to hit a petabyte. I’d need 55GB of photos per day to hit a petabyte within 50 years. For my camera that would be 6875 photos/day, while the most expensive Canon SLR, at 22MB/photo, would need 2500 shots. Nah, I can’t see individual photographers needing that much space for a long, long time.

  1. and 1 tebibyte []