I don’t know much about music, and I like listening to those who do. As such, Mark Radcliffe & Stuart Maconie’s Radio 2 evening show is endlessly fascinating to me. They both have a remarkable ability to take a completely innocuous track – Wichita Lineman, say – and spend ten minutes pointing out lyrical touches that would never have occurred to me, telling behind-the-scenes stories (they both have endless brainspace devoted to trivia, it seems) and generating thought-spirals that continue every time I hear the song. Now you come to mention it, that lineman is obviously terribly lonely, but he keeps working anyway. Are the lyrics his thoughts, as he’s driving? Huh – it’s actually surprisingly poignant. And all in, what, 15 lines?

They do this every time I listen. They also play – to my ears – a wide variety of newer bands, and a few weeks ago introduced me to Glasvegas. I’ve been picking up their singles on iTunes since. I adore the lead singer’s voice and accent, as well as the general atmosphere1 of the tracks. Here’s their latest, ‘Daddy’s Gone’:

Geraldine is also worth a listen, imho.

(incidentally, I’m happily feeling a bit calmer today, having left the house, delivered the RAID computer, comforted a baby and walked a dog.)

  1. can’t be any more specific – told you I don’t know much about music []