Catholics and cancer

The Catholic Church didn’t want schoolgirls to be given anti-cancer-STI vaccines, because doing so would encourage sexual behaviour. As a compromise, the Church has now agreed to support the vaccines, provided the schoolgirls receive no advice on contraception. Said advice would explain that the vaccine only works against two strains of cancer-causing STI, and others are out there. This policy will apply to all schoolgirls in Scotland.

Just so we’re clear, here’s the previous Catholic hierarchy of Things That Are Important:

  1. Not using contraception
  2. Not using a ‘sex-encouraging’ vaccine
  3. Not dying of cancer

And here it is now:

  1. Not using contraception
  2. Not dying of cancer
  3. Not using a ‘sex-encouraging’ vaccine

What a wonderful compromise they’ve made.

If this is your worldview, you are a raving lunatic. Your right to express your opinion does not extend to anybody paying you attention, let alone consulting you on health/education policy.

This is why secularism is so important. Lunatics can and will try to harm children. Non-secular governments will let them.