3 for 2

A few years ago I had a regrettable email exchange with an author I admire. At the time he’d written a few online-only stories, and was searching for a publisher.

I emailed to say I’d enjoyed his first novel-length piece; he replied and, noticing my email address, asked whether I had any tips for publicity in the uk. I couldn’t think of any, but didn’t want to reply as such, so said something like “most people I know can’t resist the 3-for-2 tables”. He tersely replied that he was a long, long way from those. Which was obvious when I thought about it, and I felt rather stupid. The conversation disintegrated from there, with me trying to be witty and him thinking I was insulting his dog (don’t ask). This exchange occasionally pops up during internal debates on the subject of Why I Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Talk to People.

This afternoon in Waterstone’s I saw his now-published novel on the 3-for-2 table. Clearly I am a genius.