LHC on The Big Picture

The Big Picture blog has twenty-seven pictures of the currently cooling Large Hadron Collider. They’re stonking, and the final shot really captures the scale of the thing. It should be up and performing experiments by the end of the year, and with a bit of luck the Higgs Boson1 will make front pages all around the world.

The comments are insane, as lots of people think the LHC is going to kill us all. I particularly liked:

What a way to go!! Beats frying from global warming or being swept away in a tornado or hurricane or drowning in a meltdown of the polar ice cap!! Wasn’t CERN featured in The DaVinci Code?

You don’t come across the Argument From Dan Brown so much these days, but I’m glad it’s still around. I think it was Angels and Demons, though. I’m one of the few who quite enjoyed that book (I didn’t take it seriously), but the CERN bit was excruciating: a terribly put-upon Catholic assistant feels proud to be alive when every scientist in the facility is numbed into stunned silence by the Most Wonderful Religious Speech Ever. *shudder*.

  1. original typo: Higg’s Bison []