Bad situation

She’s fine, but this morning my sister was buying lunch in a small, local shop / Post Office when two men with knives and a mallet came in. She was closest to them, and was ordered back. They dragged a cashier over to the PO counter, smashed up the protective glass, grabbed the money, and drove off. Jane left her details for the police and went home. Aimee wasn’t there, thankfully.

I just heard, and every sibling instinct is kicking in, despite there clearly being nothing I can do. I just spoke to her and she sounded fine. Much better than I’d be doing.

I know that, statistically, people don’t often get hurt in these situations. I know that knife crime isn’t as rampant as the media suggest. And this knowledge does actually help. But. Still. I’m sure I don’t need to explain the feelings that arise when a loved one is in a situation like this. Grrrrrrrr.