Seriously, I feel guilty about the feudal system

Paul McCartney is performing a free concert in Quebec this weekend. Some people aren’t happy about it:

…artists and politicians questioned his involvement in the 400th anniversary celebrations of French-speaking Quebec City.

They say his presence is inappropriate because of Britain’s conquest of New France – including Quebec – in 1760.

So, let’s get this straight. Paul McCartney shouldn’t be there because 250 years ago some Bad People were born on same patch of land as him. Despite Paul McCartney not being able to help where he was born, not sharing the opinions of Bad People and everybody alive at the time being very, very dead because it all happened 250 years ago, this is still important. Because the patch of land where you popped out has magical powers that transcend time.

Just so we’re clear. Anniversary celebrations are the perfect time to behave like chinese room zombies and demonstrate why nationalism is one of the most intellectually insulting concepts ever conceived. Good.

This solves the Fermi paradox, doesn’t it? There are no spacefaring races because there comes a point in history where all action becomes impossible without being a hypocrite or insensitive to history.