Watchmen Trailer

The graphic novel Watchmen is one of those stories that lurks at the back of your head and from time to time leaps into conscious thought. The older I get, the more its themes deepen. It’s almost certainly the graphic novel to give people who think they don’t like graphic novels.

So there was a bit of fuss when last year they announced the film adaptation, being made without the blessing of original writer Alan Moore. But while he’s a genius, he’s a very cranky genius, so don’t let that put you off. Much has been wittered about the futility of putting Watchmen onto the screen as books and films are different and blah. I can certainly see that it would be easy to get wrong, but I don’t see why it’s wrong to try.

It’s not out until next March, but there’s now a trailer. They’ve obviously got the effects down. I don’t remember the book having such prominent sexy, but then it’s a while since I’ve read it1. Rorschach looks good, though. I love Rorschach. We’ll see.

  1. don’t know who I’m trying to kid – male brains always remember the sexy []