Dr. Horrible

Everyone’s talking about Dr. Horrible. It’s a three-act musical about a hopelessly romantic supervillain, written by Joss Whedon as a side-project during the writers’ strike. Anything by Joss Whedon automatically makes the must-watch list1, and this has all the production values of a high-budget tv show.

Act I was delightful. Witty and catchy. Sadly I haven’t yet seen Act II as my connection isn’t fast enough to keep up, and it refuses to preload – I’ll catch it when I’m back on my faster connection. Act III is apparently released tonight.

I’m amazed that Nathan Fillion can be so instantly unlikeable – I mean, he’s Mal, and Mal epitomises all that is cool. I suppose this is what they call ‘acting’. And the lovely Felicia Day has very similar mannerisms to a friend of mine – it’s quite peculiar.

I adore this kind of thing. It just makes me happy.

  1. says the guy who’s seen two whole episodes of Buffy. Firefly^a billion though []