Today was meant to be productive

Then the tennis lasted forever. Was good though. I was slipping further and further behind a cushion during the final set.

I can’t watch sport unless I’m rooting for one side. I just get bored. But if cheer for someone it suddenly gets entertaining. Thing is, I usually know bugger all about whatever I’m watching, so it’s often a totally arbitrary decision. I tend to weigh heavily against any Brits as it’s good practice to suppress powerful-but-stupid tribal instincts, but otherwise it’ll be based on the underdog, or who’s got the best name, or who I’ve heard of before, or, if all else fails, who’s the most attractive. I decided to support Ancic last week because ‘he looks cool’, and two deeply entertaining matches came out of it. Works for me.

So today I chose Federer on the basis that he’s ridiculously graceful. But I wasn’t going to be sad if Nadal won, given that Federer is widely agreed to be the best tennis player in history. My language got increasingly anglo-saxon when ‘my’ guy saved two championship points, and I decided that peeking at the tv from behind the aforementioned cushion would help him out. Didn’t work, sadly, but it was still a hell of a match.

That was pretty much all I did today, though. I tidied a table, and plucked at my guitar while watching the match – this constitutes practice, in my head – but that was it. Not impressive. This is what retirement is for.

I’m always a bit sad when Wimbledon ends, but there’s the Olympics coming up. I’ve been looking at flags. Benin’s flag appears to be a powerpoint presentation gone wrong, so I’ll ignore them. Quite like the Seychelles’ design – I’ll put them on the list.