Last night’s Doctor

Spoiler warning.

Stonking. Four things to say:

  1. Who didn’t well up, even just a little bit, when the Doctor turned to see Rose? Anyone?
  2. I love how the only non-Doctory person to figure out the truth was Richard Dawkins.
  3. The twist at the end was quite the shock, but it took me out of the episode a little. Mainly because I was thinking ‘Nooooo, David Tennant is the best Doctor ever – please don’t leave!’. Given that a new actor wasn’t introduced at the end, I’m guessing he doesn’t, but I’m totally intrigued as to how they’ll get out of it…
  4. Gwen rules. And many thanks to RTD for the crossover – such things make a geek very happy.

In case you doubt Mr Tennant’s credentials as Doctor, here he is recording a message for Martha. It’s from ‘The Family of Blood’, and, as will become apparent, the script calls for Martha to fast-forward the middle section: