Remember what I said about Holby City? Please ignore all that

So, last week I was raving about Holby City. On the very unlikely chance there’s anyone out there who gave the show a try because of me, let me say this:

I am so very, very sorry.

Really. I want to hide under a rock. It went from thoughtful, interesting and well-made to TOTAL BATSHIT INSANITY. Gunfights, car chases, spontaneous trips to South Africa, doctors in imminent danger of execution, pointless trips to Table Mountain, children’s lives saved by magic fairy dust, romances invented on the spot, a main character taking control of a surgical procedure in a foreign country by saying ‘I’m from England’, a patient who woke up in the middle of his operation at the very moment someone accidentally set fire to his heart, nonsensical and completely contradictory theological motivations and, possibly worst of all, massive retrofitting of a longtime plotline. They’ve been running that storyline for 18 months, and I assumed they, you know, had some idea where it was going.

I also mentioned that the lighting in last week’s episode was great. This time they appeared to think South Africa has, at minimum, two suns.

Sorry. Don’t listen to any recommendations I make, ever again.