Falstaff: fat?

French Schoolchildren: Excuse me, can you help us?

Me: Sure.

French Schoolchildren: [pointing at question sheet] Do you know Shakespeare character with large stomach?

Me: Umm. Macbeth was quite large, I think {no, wait, he was in the Illustrated Shakespeare you had as a kid, so that might be made up}. Or, er, Henry VIII {there’s a Henry VIII play, isn’t there? Yes, I’m pretty sure there is}.

French schoolchildren: It must begin with F?

Me: F? Umm. Ummm. {quick, think of a character beginning with F} Probably Falstaff.

Total guess: I’ve never read or seen anything with Falstaff, and only know him from Jasper Fforde novels. I spent the walk home convinced I was going to remember the completely obvious obese Shakespearian character beginning with F. Haven’t yet, though. What do you think? I’m totally expecting someone to say ‘You n00b, you’ve only forgotten the most famous Shakespeare play ever: Some people on an island dress up as women, and one of them is Fiebold the Fat‘.