iTunes pre-order muppetry on Coldplay’s new album

A couple of weeks ago I pre-ordered Coldplay’s Viva La Vida on iTunes. I’d really liked the two singles, so used a birthday gift voucher to pick up the full DRM-free album. The pre-order promises a couple of exclusive acoustic tracks, but I did it mainly to use the voucher for something substantial. It turned out you don’t get charged until release date, but I left the pre-order in the system so I wouldn’t squander the gift on something pointless.

Viva La Vida came out today, and I can’t download it: I apparently need to wait for an email with a download link. I can understand them staggering it to help their servers cope with demand, but it’s now 24h later and the email hasn’t arrived yet. Which is annoying. The album is the same price as the pre-order, so I could just cancel it and go for the immediate download. But – and I admit this makes no sense – having waited 24h I am damn well going to get my free acoustic tracks that I wasn’t bothered about in the first place. Grumpy.

Update: email arrived at 0200. Have forgotten all about the grumpiness now.