A snoot is anything that funnels light. Put one over a camera flash and you can accurately direct light into a particular area of a photo. I’d never really tried the technique until last week, when I assembled one at great expense by rolling up a card-dealing tablemat from my magician days. I’ve just got around to editing the results, and they’ve turned out better than I expected…I altered the contrast and exposure, but there’s no other Photoshopping on these:

These are the best of over 350 shots1 and were more by chance than any vision in my head, but I’m pleased nonetheless. I’d only thrown the ‘snoot’ into my bag as an afterthought, but I’ll certainly be taking it with me from now on. Next time I’ll try to properly take control of background by using the ambient light as fill.

I’m coming up with a plan for improving my portraits. I have some more kit (hopefully) arriving tomorrow that should be Fun Times…More on that when I’ve had a chance to play.

  1. two very nice people bought me an 8gig memory card for my birthday, and it’s coming in very handy []