I’d Do Anything final

I didn’t see much of the Maria or Joseph shows. I’d nothing against them – they’re reality shows based around skill rather than humiliation, so I don’t object – I just never started watching. But a few weeks ago I caught the Nancy show and by the end of the episode had a favourite. Fatal. I liked it too, as I’m a sucker for the big ballads. Not so much with the musicals I’ve seen, oddly, but I like the songs. The final was tonight, and I found myself looking forward to it.

It started and I was earnestly trying to decide who would make the best Nancy. Thing is, I haven’t even seen the film so had no real idea what Nancy ‘should’ be like, and it was a little suspicious that my favourite also happened to be the contestant I found most attractive. Stupid male brain. Once I realised this I tried to override it and go by the performances. I grudgingly accepted that previous-choice Samantha didn’t quite match up to the others, but couldn’t decide between the remaining two until their final routines. I finally picked Jessie, but the show closed its phone lines the second her performance ended, which was a bit odd.

She didn’t win, but was named as first choice by both Andrew Lloyd-Webber and Cameron Mackintosh, which must take the edge off. I thought their reactions to Jodie’s win were a little couched – “Are you happy?” says Graham Norton, and they replied “I always thought this would be the public choice” and “I’m very happy for Jodie”. Yikes.

Good fun though. Quite enjoyed it.