Geohashing with a monkey – 2008/05/24

This is geohashing:


Date + Dow opening = random place, within a 1 x 1 grid of about 60 miles. The xkcd wiki calls it a spontaneous adventure generator.

I’m in 52, -1, classified as Birmingham East. Today’s location was 20mins away, so I thought I’d check it out.

Monkey & I parked in a layby and wandered down a small stone path. The field containing the co-ordinates was private, so Monkey & I pushed our way through the stinging nettles up to the edge of the boundary fence:

Geohash 2008/05/24 Geohashing with a monkey - 24/05/08

The official geohash page is here.

Monkey and I are going to try and reach the Birmingham East geohashes for the next week. No guarantees, but wherever possible.