At the last minute

We were given our uni project details, for one particular module, in February. There were three projects, each requiring various images and a workbook showing our thought processes. The workbooks have been fairly mysterious since day one – there’s deliberately been no guidance so that we produce individual work, which is irritating but fair enough. The projects are due in on Friday, and I finished all my workbooks on Monday. I’ve been essaying since then, and am nearly complete. I was just starting to relax…

Then this evening we get an email with a big list of items the teacher would like to see included in the workbooks. With many things I’m pretty sure none of us had thought of. We’re not to worry if our workbook doesn’t include it all, though. Obviously. As if we would.

Geez. 48hrs notice is a bit mean, really. I can’t decide whether to spend tonight and tomorrow madly typing and printing (a ‘journal of your development for the duration of the module – this can be done on a day to day account of how your shoots have gone’) or just let it go. I can’t imagine a botch job will do me any favours, but what if I’m the only one who doesn’t?