Skype’s ‘test call’ isn’t necessarily indicative

I spent hours today trying to get Skype working. I needed it for this evening, but calls to the test number were robotlike and incoherent. I opened ports, punched holes in and disabled firewalls, enabled skype’s debugging modes, uninstalled other networking programs, reconfigured NAT and in the end replaced my router1. Nothing worked, and I got more and more frustrated. I eventually discovered that SkypeOut was totally clear and free of error, so I figured I’d call a landline if necessary.

Come this evening: skype to skype worked perfectly. Afterwards I tried calling the test line again, and it had exactly the same problems. I think it’s that particular ‘number’. Oh well, at least I now know my computer’s networking configuration inside-out.

Just while I’m here, it might be a little quiet in these parts for a bit. It’s 2.5 weeks until deadline day, and I still have two projects left to shoot, 3.2 workbooks to put together and a 3k essay to hone. I haven’t picked up my guitar in a fortnight, I haven’t danced in almost a month, people are asking about non-existent birthday plans, which isn’t going to happen, and there’s other unpleasant stuff I’m trying to work through. Which isn’t to complain…well, I suppose it is a bit to complain. But the 23rd of May will see all the work finished, one way or another, and you know what else is due that day? Indiana Jones and the goddamn Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, that’s what.

  1. this has needed doing for a long time, so it was a good excuse. I swapped it for a Netgear DG834G, which is possibly the best ADSL router in the world – I’ve installed it for countless people as it Just Works Right []