Lost in Shibboleth

University finished early a couple of weeks ago, so I headed over to the Tate Modern for the Man Ray/Duchamp/Picabia exhibition. I’d forgotten about Shibboleth, the infamous crack in the floor, and it resonated with me far more than anything by the modernist masters. It’s surprisingly impressive, although the grandeur of the surrounding turbine hall probably helps, and I wandered around for quite a while, just taking in the atmosphere and people-watching. There’ve been accidents, so signs and attendants conspicuously warned against falling in. I took a few pictures, mainly because it was a good chance to test out Photoshop’s panorama features:

Shibboleth Panorama

I didn’t do a particularly good job with this one – too much vertical movement – but while merging it this evening I spotted something:

Fallen down the crack

The ghost of a soul lost down the crack? Or a bizarre artefact of Photoshop’s auto-blending? You decide.