It’s not that ITV suck, it’s that they can’t count

I quite fancied watching Pushing Daisies, but didn’t get around to recording it1. Just as well:

The second episode of Anna Friel’s hit US drama Pushing Daisies will not be screened by ITV, it has emerged.

The UK broadcaster bought the rights to the entire nine-part series, but only has space in its schedule to show eight programmes before Euro 2008 begins.

It’s ok, they say dropping episode 2 won’t spoil the storyline. Sounds likely.

The broadcaster blamed the mix-up on the US writers’ strike, which meant only nine episodes of Pushing Daisies were made.

Um. What.

However, ITV said the programme would “be shown at some point because the series will be repeated”.

Ah, that’s all right then.

  1. edit: god, how old do I sound? If only there were some internet-based way of watching the show. []