Improv Everywhere’s Best Game Ever

I’ve recently had a few spells of thinking everything’s crap. The news is generally godawful (tho no more than normal, really), work’s threatening to get on top of me, and I’m operating a Just In Time policy on keeping my life in order. Thankfully I come out of it quite quickly – I have a pretty cushy existence, after all – but things like this speed up the process.

Improv Everywhere turned a local kid’s baseball game into an all-star extravaganza, complete with manic fans, programmes and a few large-scale surprises. Lovely stuff; made me teary-eyed at times. Check out the comment troll who thinks it sucks because being nice to people becomes ‘saccharine’. Probably one of those cretins who screams ‘sentimental’ the moment anything nice happens in a film, because they’d hate anyone to think they were affected by anything. Ugh.

See, there was no need to pay attention to that guy. Must get a grip.