Flickr Video

Flickr launched their new video functionality last night, and it’s nicely implemented. They’re calling videos ‘long photos’, which is a decent way of approaching it. There’s a 90-second limit, only Pro members can upload, and they integrate into photostreams just like any other picture. It’s fairly snappy (although the FAQ says some older computers may struggle, in which case ‘just go to Best Buy dude’) and nothing plays automatically if you don’t want it to. Their charming FAQ explains the ins and outs.

Digital SLRs can’t record videos, so the only footage I have comes from my old Canon G3 – lost/stolen/beamed-up in a field in 2004. I had a dig through and found a surprising number of clips, but they’re almost all of my ex-girlfriend and I’ve no desire to re-visit them. Maybe in a decade or so. I did find this, though, taken on Prague’s Charles Bridge in 2003:

The upload process is a breeze compared to the morass of YouTube, and the – admittedly short – clip processed in only a few seconds. I tagged / geotagged it just like any regular photo, and it slotted into my photostream without issue. Neat, especially as their servers must be getting hammered about now.

I don’t envy the job of policing video uploads, but I’m impressed with the implementation. It’s obviously early days, but video fits into Flickr better than I expected. Their blog has a few decent examples. I can’t see me using this feature much, at least until I get a cameraphone with better video quality, but I’ll be interested to see where people take it.