Vigeland Sculpture Park

I don’t think it unreasonable to describe most statues as deeply, deeply boring. I’m sure it takes lots of skill, and all, but there’s only so much interest in yet another long-dead dude on a horse. With this in mind, I give you the Vigeland Sculpture Park in Oslo:

Vigeland Park

My photography tutor mentioned it yesterday, and it’s been intriguing me ever since. It contains 212 stone and bronze statues by Norwegian Sculptor Gustav Vigeland. The centrepiece is the Monolith:

Vigeland Monolith

It’s 14 metres high, took 14 years to complete, and represents reaching salvation in heaven, or something. The surrounding statues depict people in all sorts of positions:

low-IMG_4890 Oslo - Vigelandsparken

Each was made in clay by the artist then farmed out to contractors, and in 2005 some unknown prude placed black tape over every nipple, crotch and bum in the park. Can’t have kids seeing that kind of thing.

These are some cool statues. Which, let’s face it, takes some doing. Every statue I see is now going to seem even more boring. I like the central image above, but the park also contains the Best Statue Ever:


It would really suck to be attacked by tiny babies.