Wii Table Tennis

I played Wii Table Tennis last night. It’s a separate game rather than the Wii Sports version, and much more fun as it actually involves some skill.

Swinging the wiimote left/vertically/right aims it at the relevant side of the table, and up/down determines the front or back of the table. How well each attempted placement works depends on both the physical position of your player relative to the table (in the basic modes the computer moves them automatically, but in the higher levels you control them with the nunchuck), and your particular character’s skill level. You also use the direction pad, while swinging, to add topspin, backspin, leftspin or rightspin (?), or a ‘soft shot’ to really wind up your opponent. The ball changes colour depending on its spin, so this can be taken into account when returning.

All of which gives you a decent amount of control, without being excessively complex. The physics is good enough to be predictable, so it’s much more a game of skill than blind luck. The hardest part is thinking fast enough: you have to swing after your opponent has hit the ball, which in the faster games means you’ve a very short amount of time to process all the variables. This is quite the mental workout, but achievable without ridiculous amounts of practice. It’s a physical workout too – my arm is still hurting this morning. Good fun.